On February 21, 2018, Ted Mullenix, Richard Davies, Aubra Anthony and Mike Wilson were invited to participate in a panel discussion regarding the original philosophy and history behind the legislation that created the Arkansas Natural and Cultural Resources Council. Click here to view a recording of the panel discussion. The first ANCRC grants were awarded in 1989. Since that time, ANCRC grants have benefitted every county in Arkansas.


The Arkansas Natural and Cultural Resources Council (ANCRC) was established by the Arkansas Legislature in 1987 by Arkansas Act 729 (now codified as Arkansas Code Annotated 15-12-101 through 15-12-103).  The act created the ANCRC to manage and supervise a grants and trust fund for the acquisition, management, and stewardship of state-owned properties acquired or used for ANCRC approved purposes.  The grants are funded through two increases in the state's real estate transfer tax, the original increase in 1987 and an additional increase in 1993.  The ANCRC consists of eleven voting members.  Grants from this fund are for projects that protect and maintain state-owned natural areas, historic sites, and outdoor recreation.  In addition to the Grants and Trust Fund, the legislation also allows for a percentage of the revenue to be distributed to the Outdoor Recreation Grants Program of the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism and the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program of the Department of Arkansas Heritage.  For more information concerning the ANCRC and its programs, contact the program manager, Debra Fithen.

ANCRC's Creation